Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Letter to The Husband

As I lay in bed, thinking of you…it seems it is all I have been doing lately. Where are you? what do you look like? What are you doing? Are you with someone else? How will I know you when I see you? Questions, questions, more questions. These are the questions that keep me up at night, most especially now. Nights like this when I need to feel your touch, to lie spent, with ragged breathe in your arms. There are days life gets so intense that all I want to do is hurl all of my 130 pound frame into your arms and weep- for no reason at all…yep, I am a woman, you need to get accustomed to times like this, we call it PMS and it comes with the entire package. Wonder how you’ll handle all that? Well, as the body leads. Ugh… seems I'm gonna have a difficult time getting my hands off you. Tu est complain? Lol, yes, that is French, I hope.
Do you think of me ever? Do you talk to The Father of me as I do of you? Do you sometimes wonder what l look like? Do you pray for me? Are you ready to meet me? My darling husband, as I gaze out of my window this still dark night, I’m consoled with the knowledge that you’re beneath this same dark sky, gazing out of your window, longing for me, I hope, as I long for you. Hasten, dearest husband of mine. This woman needs you, my entire being yearns for you, very much. I need to gaze into your lovely eyes, kiss your delicious lips, do some earth shaking, knee weakening things to you,  brand you, make you MINE. Husband of mine, where are you? This woman is ready for YOU

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I Love You

    I love you so much it hurts, Lord- a sweet kind of hurting, the kind I never want to go away. This is how it should be. I ask myself, ”what have I been doing all my life?” when I remember everything that You’ve brought me through- for all the times I profaned your glory on me, all the sins I committed, and how yet, You never for once gave up on me, I just get all emotional. Even when You should have given up on me, You gracefully gave me another chance and then some. You told the Father, “no Dad, give her another chance, give me some more time to work on her”…and then, You got started on me.slowly, painstakingly, patiently, never getting angry even when it was within Your rights to do so.

    Longsuffering Lord! My Redeemer! Love of my life! Your grace found me just as I was- naked, dirty, emptyhanded, worthless. You took me, cleansed me with Your precious blood, made me into this invaluable woman I am today. Yes Lord, look at me now, look how I turned out! I cleaned out just fine…ummm…uh well, okay… I am not yet where I should be, but I sure as heaven am not where I used to be, but with You, I am getting there. Just look at me, I can dare to approach The Father, and it’s all because of You. How did I get so lucky??? Scratch that- I’m BLESSED. Who am I? that You deign to look at me, my Lord!

   Sweet Holy Spirit, my Mentor, my Creator, my Owner, the One who knows me even more than I know myself, the One who has my heart, the One who never left. Thank You for being there for me…always. Patiently, lovingly guiding, never chiding, ever loving, ever faithful to me. I just want You to know that I LOVE YOU. Teach me how to love You. Show me how You want me to love You. In life, in death, I LOVE YOU