Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

Yea, I know we kept saying that 2016 was that awful year we couldn't just wait to be rid off, at some point, I thought so too, but I had to think about it all over again, and come to a conclusion that God was really kind to me in the past year. So yeah, this is me thanking God for all the good and awful things that happened in 2016. So, I moved to Lagos in the past year. Was really a sink or swim stunt, but God sent me angels in human form, and here I stand. Lagos has been good to me, I can't even front. And then, November 10, 2016 ,I received that horrorful phone call that I had lost my beloved cousin, Etieneabasi. Her death rocked my world so badly, I didn't like God so much anymore. How could He do this to me ? Etieneabasi was just 32 years old. Anyway, I want to thank God for being kind enough to have given her to us, even though the time was short. We are grateful we had her.
           Rest in peace, babygirl.

So, here are pictures of the cakes and cupcakes so far. For more, visit our IG page @McCreamyzCupcakes. And if you're in Lagos, and need cupcake/cakes for your occasions, or just because, holler at me on 08022520485.

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