Thursday, 18 June 2015

Heyyyy!!! I'm back!

So, the past one month has been a rather really intense one for me. Positively and negatively... I fell ill at the beginning, hence I couldn't blog or do any work for that matter... Plus other really bad experiences. In everything though, I give thanks to God. I survived. I'm alive. And I'm here. On the upside, I had like 3 cool interviews. I trust y'all read them. Yayyy me! I'm now a "celebrity lite". LOL. I'm sorry I've been away for this long, it will not happen again. This time, the blog will carry more content... I'll be celebrating other bakers, reporting cake events and all the sweet, cakey stuff. Also, posts won't be on the weekends only. I will be posting on any day of the week. Thanks for all those that called to know how I was doing, I really appreciate you all. Thank you. 

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