Thursday, 25 June 2015

Uyo Cake Eat Show. Pictures.

Friday, the 19th of June is a day the lovely people of Uyo will not forget in a hurry. Imagine having 15 bakers in one hall, with all their sweet treats... All the cake you can eat, wait for it... FREE OF CHARGE. Awesome, right?
Uyo Cake Boss, Esoh of Big Exude 'n' Cakes. 

It was a beautiful day as people went to the R&R Event Centre, IBB Avenue and had their fill of awesome cakes and wine. The event was hosted by Uyo Cake Boss, Esoh of Big Exude & Cakes. Here are pictures from the event.
Mr Ime "Bishop" Umoh

A baker at the event

Rhoda Nduaesa and friends on the red carpet 

Uyo Cake Boss, Esoh with guests

Uyo's finest baker, Uwem Akpan, CEO, Barter Splash Cakes

Image Faculty and Sifon

Yvonne of Vonne Cakes, Uyo

Pictures: Carrot Pictures


  1. You know you like to hide your other leg behind you standing leg in pictures a lot yeah? Its a picture habit.